Secures ground forces and combat vehicles against threats, continually anticipating requirements, and delivering highly effective, proven solutions that maximize survivability, connectivity, reliability and maneuverability.

  • Familia FEWAS RCWS (Sistema de Armas por Control Remoto)

    TOLEDO Family provides a unique set of cutting-edge capabilities, creating a new standard for remote weapon systems. Integrated worldwide on a wide range of tracked and wheeled vehicles, these robust, reliable, and combat-proven systems provide MBT-level protection, delivering high hit and kill probability, life-saving under-armor loading, day/night operation, and endurance under the most extreme conditions.

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  • TOLEDO – 30

    The TOLEDO – 30 supports mission diversity, enabling the use of relevant fire power according to evolving battlefield requirements without degrading mobility. The system ‒ accommodating a variety of weapons and degrees of fire power ‒ is designed to mount a 30/40mm automatic main cannon and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, providing observation and target engagement capabilities with enhanced firing accuracy.

  • TOLEDO – 30S

    The TOLEDO 30S enables simultaneous use of main and secondaryarmaments, providing dual-axis stabilization, weapon decoupling and optional intgreation of an atgm. under armor loading assures the crew safety


    The SPIKE Family of precision, multi-purpose, long-range, Electro-Optic (EO)-guided missiles enables the successful engagement of both static and moving targets ‒ whether direct, non-line-of-site (NLOS), or beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS). Delivering unmatched performance, lethality, and survivability, these cutting-edge systems operate day and night in open areas and urban spaces, at stand-off distances of 5.5km up to 32km.


  • TOLEDO – M / MS

    Accommodating a variety of weapons and degrees of fire power, the dual-axis, stabilized TOLEDO M and TOLEDO MS are designed for light wheeled or tracked combat vehicles ‒ providing added attack capabilities where required. Features include life-saving under-armor loading, full day/night ‘hunt-kill’ capabilities, and the optional integration of an ATGM.


    FIRE WEAVER is a sensor to shooter management system for the maneuvering forces. It connects sensors and shooters in the battlefield provides real-time battle picture and vastly reduces closure time of the sensor-to-shooter loop. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive information dissemination, FIRE WEAVER instantly calculates and selects the optimal shooter for each acquired target, resulting in exceptional accuracy and a significant reduction in collateral damage and friendly fire incidents.

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