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We close the loop. End to End. From Detection to neutralization. Time critical. Targets. Fast and accurate. Safe. Reliable. A unique portfolio that brings together the world´s most technological advanced solutions for closing the loop, opening up a gap in the modern battlefield. We are your first line for protection in Land, Naval, Security and Cyberspace applications

  • Our Solutions

    PAP TECNOS’ solutions are based on extensive operational experience, mission-critical know-how, and a profound understanding of evolving combat requirements.

    They enable the simultaneous detection, tracking and engagement of multiple threats ‒ during manned or unmanned missions in conventional or asymmetric scenarios. Incorporating today’s most innovative technologies, they enable smarter and faster decisions, further reach, and extended endurance in the harshest conditions.

    Protecting people, borders and assets through maximized lethality, survivability, flexibility, and situational awareness, our solutions are in operational use across the globe.

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  • Cyber

    This superior, patented cyber defense solution for SCADA & ICS handles new cyber threats emerging on SCADA and ICS systems, keeping systems operational while preventing long-lasting, significant economic damage

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  • Land

    Protection, Precision, Reliability, Safety. We offer a combat suite to gain Battlefield superiority. High performance with unmatched survivability.

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  • Naval

    Combat-proven high stabilized weapon stations solutions on the sea. Ship perimeter protection, solutions for asymmetric warfare and rapid changing threats, even against small and fast maneuvering multiple targets, as in Swarm Attack scenarios, where significantly enhancing hit probability under adverse conditions is a requirement.

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  • Security

    To detect, decide and react to threats via 24/7 monitoring of critical infrastructures, borders, energy facilities, sea ports, coastlines and offshore structures, giving decision-makers enough analysis time to react effectively.

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Our Products

Experience, Reliability, Accuracy

The best defense, your safety

  • TOLEDO – 30S

    The toledo 30S enables simultaneous use of main and secondaryarmaments, providing dual-axis stabilization, weapon decoupling and optional intgreation of an atgm. under armor loading assures the crew safety

  • NAVAL RCWS 30mm

    The Naval RCWS 30mm - providing all-weather, 24/7 surveillance and engagement operations and exceptional multi-mission capabilities - ensures unmatched ship perimeter protection. Utilizing the MK44 Bushmaster gun, the system fires all NATO standard 30x173 ammunition with adjustable rates of fire, and is compatible with high-explosive and Air Burst Ammunition (ABM). Due to its compact design and low weight, it is suitable for a wide range of ship classes. The remote operator console, designed for harsh maritime environments, is located in a protected area of the ship, increasing survivability.


    prueba FIRE WEAVER is a sensor to shooter management system for the maneuvering forces. It connects sensors and shooters in the battlefield provides real-time battle picture and vastly reduces closure time of the sensor-to-shooter loop. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive information dissemination, FIRE WEAVER instantly calculates and selects the optimal shooter for each acquired target, resulting in exceptional accuracy and a significant reduction in collateral damage and friendly fire incidents.

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Spanish Supplier

PAP TECNOS has a network of first class qualified Spanish suppliers in all productive areas, that guarantee a smooth life cycle support and flow of quality parts an dservicies.


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